Amma’s Messages to Her Children – Speaking Tree

Here is a compilation of Articles by Mata Amritanandamayi Devi on the Speaking Tree blog website:

July 03, 2016: Guru is Essential

June 02, 2016: The Science of Compassion, a documentary by Shekar Kapur

Mar 14, 2014: God has Given You Gifts, Put in Effort to Find Them

Mar 05, 2014: Selfless Service Removes Ugliness from the Mind

Feb 15, 2014: Show Respect to All and Grow

Feb 01, 2014: To Feel Peace, Attain Self Realization

Jan 16, 2014: Remove Difficulties Through Prayer

Jan 01, 2014: Strive for World Peace and Harmony

Dec 16, 2013: The Pointlessness of War

Nov 07, 2013: The Guru Concept

Oct 14, 2013: Spiritual Principles must be Applied

Sep 29, 2013: Patience: the First Step in Spiritual Life